Canberra Greyhounds

About Canberra

Canberra otherwise known as the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is Australia’s largest inland city and the eighth largest Australian city overall. Canberra was selected as the site for the location of the nation’s capital in 1908 as a compromise between rivals Sydney and Melbourne – Australia’s two largest cities. Due to areas of large vegetation, Canberra has earned the title of "bush capital". The federal government contributes the largest percentage of Gross State Product and is the largest single employer in Canberra.

Greyhound racing

Greyhound racing is the sport of racing greyhounds where the dogs chase a lure-traditionally an artificial hare-on a track until they arrive at the finish line. The first dog past the finish line is declared the winner; it is that simple. Nevertheless, greyhound racing is a sport popular with sports betting in Australia and other countries with a significant greyhound racing calendar.

Regulation in Australia

Greyhound racing in Australia is regulated by the Australian Greyhound Racing Association (AGRA). The association is divided into many state governing bodies, which regulate greyhound welfare and living conditions. All racing authorities in Australia partially finance some greyhound adoption groups which house many of the retired greyhounds with the goal of transitioning them into home pets.

A governing greyhound racing body exists in each Australia State and Territory. The two largest authorities are Greyhound Racing New South Wales (GRNSW) and Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) that govern over 40 racetracks. However, there are other governing in each state including the Queensland Greyhound Racing Authority (QGRA), Western Australian Greyhound Racing Authority (WAGRA), Tasmanian Greyhound Racing Authority (TGRA), Greyhound Racing South Australia (GRSA), Northern Territory Racing Authority, and the Canberra Greyhounds Racing Club (CGRC).

Wagering on Canberra greyhound racing

The passage of the 1960 Betting and Gaming Act that permitted off-course cash betting is mostly credited for the revolution that turned greyhound racing from just being a popular spectator sport to also being a major business that attracts major sponsorship and television coverage. Betting is today a key component of greyhound racing and the Canberra Greyhounds Racing Club – home of greyhound racing in the ACT-offers you the opportunity to partake in a very engaging sport while making money at the same time. In most cases, racing takes place over the weekend and while being present at the venue is a great social outing, location is not a limiting factor. Wherever your geographical location is in Australia, you can enjoy the races and place your bets online.

There is no water tight system that can guarantee returns when placing bets but there are several factors you can evaluate before placing your bet which can ensure handsome returns. Canberra Greyhounds Racing Club, like most Racing clubs has a detailed profile of all the greyhounds that compete in their events. By checking a greyhounds’ history you can get a clear picture of its racing ability. A winning trend is usually a good sign that your money will be on safe quadruplet of legs.

Canberra greyhounds involved in competitions will each at some point start to feel the effects of ageing. On the average, greyhound dogs live up to 12 years old but racers have an average lifespan of 7 years. When placing your bet, consider the age of the dog and by rule of thumb, the younger the dog, the more likely it is to win a particular race. Of course that is assuming that it has attained adult age and size. Do not go for a dog that is past its peak. Even if it has an enviable winning track record, tread carefully.